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Field Service Forum Amsterdam_June 2017

 Si2 Partners were at the Field Service Forum run providing Industry Expertise to the event. Represented by Nick Frank, we facilitated two round tables together with Click software on Customer Centric Solutions, as well as running a Panel Discussion on monetising the Industrial Internet of Things.  Our goal with the panel discussion was to encourage real managers to talk how they are facing the challenges of incorporating the technologies into their business. To get away from the hype of the IoT, Industrie 4.0 and Servitization, and see what real managers are doing.  What was interesting was the lack of focus on technology. Rather they all highlighted 3 strategies they are following:

  1. Customer Value chain: Gaining a deep insight into their Customer and Industry Value chain, which acts as the guiding star for all innovations
  2. People and Culture: Providing the space and encouragement for people to try out ideas
  3. Start with small pilot programmes, then scale: connect up equipment and start to collect data and play. Then as understanding and success is developed, scale and role out. It's a questions of many small steps rather than one giant leap.

Many thanks to our panelists:

  • Ivo Siebers: Head of Global Logistics Thyssenkrupp Elevators
  • Lars Moller: General Manager After Sales Al Shirawi Enterprises 
  • Steve Thorp: UK Service Director and global responsibility for Industrie 4.0 strategy at Swisslog
  • Barthjeu Ammerlaan: Head of Service Operations, Steadin