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Nick Frank, we facilitated two round tables together with Click software on Customer Centric Solutions, as well as running a Panel Discussion on monetising the Industrial Internet of Things.  More>>
Nick was interviewed by MobileReach as part of their 'Ask the Expert' series of blogs. For the full interview see  More>>
Facilitation at the UK Field Service Summit_April 2017
Nick was asked to by Copperberg and Click software to moderate 5 roundtable discussion at the Field Service Summit in the UK
For the 2nd year in a row, Nick was named in Field Service News most influential people in 2017  More>>
Keynote at #ConnectFSN in London_Feb 2017
Nick gave keynote presentation at Field Service Connect 2017, run by the manufacturer on how to "Accelerate Growth through Service Thinking'
Nick presented at Maximize Europe 2016, a ServiceMax conference in Amsterdam on “Where to start with Servitization and what are the enablers”.  More>>
Nick Interviewed by Field Service Digital_Oct 2016

 Nick Frank was recently interviewed by Field Service Digital in the run up to his session at Maximize Europe

Nick chairs stream at Servitization 2016 conference_October 2016
Nick chaired the latest Service Community event which was part of the Servitization 2016 conference held at Aston Villa Football Club on the 19th October 2016
A paper by the ISSIP UX SIG which was co-written by Nick Frank, was presented at ServDes 2016 conference  More>>
Nick was asked to participate at the Chief Service Officer(CSO) Summit held before the Maximize conference event in San Fransisco last week.  More>>
Nick gave the keynote presentation at eWON’s FlexThink Developer Conference in Birmingham on 25th May 2016  More>>
Nick was the host for the Service Community at Cranfield University on the 12th May.  More>>
Nick ran round tables at the Field Service Summit on the impact of mobility and scheduling on Field Service Organisations  More>>
Together with his business partner Titos Anastassacos, Nick has launched a new consulting concept Si2Partners. Si2 is a boutique consultancy and management services firm with a unique On-Demand business model.  More>>
Nick included in the prestigous FSN20 list_Feb 2016
Nick was included on the Field Service News #FSN20 of the 20 most influential people in field service in 2016. The article cites Nick as being a well respected industry author and frequent speaker at field service conferences across Europe.
Nick was interviewed on his thoughts on the future of Field Service for by FieldBytes. This is FirstOne's thought leadership podcast series. FirstOne are a Microsoft company looking to win significant market share in the area of service management. You ca  More>>
As a steering team member, Nick participated in the 1st consultation workshop held at the the National Composites centre in Bristol.  More>>
Nick is part of a 20 strong steering team that has been pulled together to develop a National Policy for Through Life Engineering Services  More>>
Nick presenting at the MSTLN Conf_Sept 2015

Nick will be presenting at the MSTLN conference in Birmingham on the 23rd September. He will be speaking about how all companies can achieve long terms sustainable growth through Service Thinking and Imagination. The MSTLN(Manufacturing Service Thought Leadership Network) started as an idea between Nick and The Manufacturer to promote the strategic potential for Services in UK Industry. This idea has grown to a network of over 100 companies industrial companies and this 1st conference will have over 70 participants.



Along with industry leaders in Services, Nick was invited on the both Sept to attend the Houses of Parliament by Prof Raj Roy of Cranfield University to attend the launch of a National Policy for Through Life Engineering Services (TES) to MP's. TES represents over £23bn to the UK economy. This initiative is an important milestone in redefining UK manufacturing  More>>

Nick was speaking at the SME conference at the ExCel, London on Tuesday the 16th on how to Monetize Technology and later was part of a panel discussion with leading thinkers from Siemens and the Aston Business School.  More>>
Nick presented his perspectives on how to monetise the IoT in a webinar hosted by Field Service news. You can down the webinar through his blog.  More>>

 Nick presented a paper he co-wrote with MAC Solutions on their experience in developing a framework for Ecosystem for Remote Services. See publications for the paper 'An Ecosystem Development Model for SME’s with Big Ideas' or the PSi blog for a summary   More>>

An interview with Nick Frank was published in the UK manufacturer magazine.  More>>
Nick attended an industry workshop hosted by Cranfield University in Central London, to shape National policy for Engineered Through Life Services.  More>>
Nick helped organise the Service Community event on outcome based services held at Fujitsu Stevenage  More>>
Ecosytem Thinking for Services: April 2015
In an article published in Aprils' Field Service News, read how Ecosystem Thinking can help SME's develop Advanced services
Page 56 The Manufacturer magazine: March 2015

 As part of the MSTLN, Nick's article 'What do you think?  was published in The Manufacturer magazine. The article talks about the fact that Services and Service Thinking is not just for big companies. R&D Leverage, a mould manufacturer is used as an example of how small companies can also improve their competitive position with this approach. A copy can be downloaded from Publications or using the following digital link.

Nick was invited to the House of Commons to attend the launch of the UK's premier manufacturing awards with 200 other senior business leaders.  More>>
Nick Co-founds the MSTLN to change UK Mnfing: Feb 2015

 The Manufacturing Services Thought Leadership network was launched this month. Nick co-founded  MSTLN with the manufacturer. The  aim is to get UK manufacturing to focus more on value creation in the customer, seeing services as a strategic driver for growth. For more see

Service Innovation Seminar at the Henley Business School: Feb 2015
Nick gave his annual Service Innovation Seminar to MSC students at Henley Business School with the goal of helping students understand the realities of the service transformation
See Nick's latest blog which lays out a framework for service transformation and helps managers see the 'Wood from the Trees'
Use this link for more  More>>
The Winning Plan blog for FSN: Nov 2014
See Nick's latest blog on the importance of an explicit plan in driving successful service transformation. See OUR BLOG

 Nick Frank ran a seminar for Service Management MSc students studying at Warwick University. The purpose of the lecture was to share the service business model (for more listen to a recent ISSIP presentation by Nick Frank). He then demonstrate through a number of personal case studies that the harsh reality of business life is that change is never straight forward. The key lesson being that these ‘academic’ models may help is see the wood from the trees, but they can not replace the management nous needed to make change a reality.  Image>>

Jim Spohrer from IBM, introduces Nick Frank as he presents the Service Business Model to the ISSIP Education Special Interest Group this month  More>>
Nick interviewed Dave Gordon, Rolls Royce Director on how Rolls Royce's Defence business is turning to services to contribute to its strategy to create a sustainable future.  More>>

At the Service Management Conference held in London, Nick presented the outcome of research he completed with colleagues from Noventum on 'Drivers of Growth'. A copy of the report can be found in the PUBLICATIONS tab. The following day he was part of a panel debate on the impact of technology on creating profit centres for service businesses. Together with, Glyn Dodds, MD Cetrex Services,  Spencer Earp, VP Europe Service Max and Kris Oldland, Editor FSN,  the discussion explored the 'urban myth' that a service organisation has to be a seperate Stand Alone P&L. We saw that the key issue to growing a successful service business is to acheive transparency on operating results within the service business. A seperate P&L is a tactic to acheiving this, but there are also other ways of acheiving this. We also explored the importance of our organisations culture and people.  The conclusion was that industry is at the beginning of a fundamental shift of how services are viewed. With the increasing digitalisation of all products and the communications technology that underpins the Internet of Things and Services, our view of service value and delivery will dramatically change in ways we have yet to really understand.

For more see Nick blog:  More>>

Growth Stages facilitated a Luxinnovation round table with companies such as Delphi and Goodyear. Nick described the Ecosystem development model he has developed with John Pritchard, MD of MAC solutions see blog for more  More>>
Nick presented the research paper 'Drivers of Growth' which he co-wrote with colleagues from Noventum at the Servitisation Conference at Aston Business School  More>>
Service Transformation seminar at Henley Business School: April 2014
This month Nick gave a 2 hour seminar to MSc students at Henley business school looking at the challenges of transformation programmes as seen through the eyes of the real world
Services that talk to your customers: to see how to change your mindset go to  More>>
New article commissioned by FSN: Feb 2014
Is growth through services both an opportunity and a reality check? See PUBLICATIONS to download
Keynote speech: Nov 2013
Nick gave the keynote speech at eWON's global Sales meeting on the trend in Equipment manufacturers to services. He talked about the opportunities this trends presents for the Remote Services ecosystem that Growth Stages is helping eWON to develop
As part of the new Service Management MSc at Warwick University, Nick gave a lecture looking at service innovation, and how it revolutionised the fastener industry.  More>>
Nick was recently appointed as an External Project Supervisor for full time MSc projects. In addition he is now a guest lecturer on the MSc course in Service Management.  More>>
Nick has joined the User experience work group of the International Society of Service Innovation Professional (ISSIP).  More>>
Webinar: Performance Improvement - 24th Sept 2013
Nick is presenting a Webinar in partnership with Service Management On-line on how a billion pound manufacturing company he is working with, is transforming its business processes and service operations. For more see his blog
Nick commissioned to write Blog's for Service Mngt UK - August 2013
Nick will write a series of 9 blog articles for the Service Management newsletter that will use case studies to illustrate the service business model that successful companies follow. Follow on his blog at
On the 20th June, Nick together with representatives from Rolls Royce, British Airways and IBM met with Warwick University develop their MSc course content in Service Management.  More>>
IMD Business School Discovery event: April 2013
Nick attended a Discovery event at the IMD business school in Lausanne in April, aimed at helping business leaders better understand the challenge of moving from Product to a Service focus. See his blog for more details
Nick gave a Service Innovation lecture to the Henley Business School's PHD and MSC student in April 2013. titled ' A service revolution in fasteners' he discussed how services can transfor the way an industry operates. For more see his blog..  More>>
Nick was interviewed at the SMe 2012 on his views on the future of Service Management. To view a video of his interview see his blog  More>>
Through Life Engineering Conference 6th Nov 2012
Nick will be presenting with Noventum on a strategic model to better communicate service transformation, as well as the importance of managing people in moving engineering companies from product to service thinking
Contrasting Perspectives on delivering Low Cost High Value Services: Sept 2012
Nick wrote an article for Service Management magazine on 'How to reduce the cost of service delivery yet deliver high value services'. It introduces a discussion that he will have with colleagues from Sharp and Siemens on this topics. See OUR BLOG.
Nick presented his published case study on the dramatic impact service innovations has had on the fastener industry. Nick was invited to speak at a workshop on service innovation and was a panelist during the closing remarks. CAISE '12 is an international  More>>
Luxembourg Govt Innovation Conference: October 2011
Nick was invited to participate in a conference convened by the Luxembourg Government to understand how the country can more effectively drive innovation. See our blog for more details
Nick speaks on Innovation at Financial Services Summit Luxembourg: Sept 2011
Nick co-presented with Cetrel on the importance having clear objectives for the innovation process, before embarking on the journey to results. Cetrel, a SIX Group company, provide e-payment processing solutions for financial institutions
The Field Engineer of the Future: SMe 2011, Birmingham
At Service Management Expo 2011 Nick together with Stefan Berger from Husky gave a seminar on the Field Engineer of the future. He also was a panelist at a question time session on the future of the Service Technician.
2nd Service Innovation Workshop: December 2010
Nick and Jean Marc ran a 2nd Innovation Workshop in French at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
Services Innovation workshop • Luxembourg 13 July 2010
Nick and Jean-Marc ran a public service innovation workshop at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. Attended by 11 delegates from a variety of public and private organisations, we explored the strategic service options for their organisations.
Services Development in Luxembourg • 11 May 2010
This week, on Tuesday 11 May 2010, Nick and Jean-Marc co-hosted a short workshop on behalf of Luxinnovation on services development for product-centric companies in Luxembourg, with specific highlights on the needs of the logistics sector.
Nick hosted a one hour session at LUXEXPO Logistics Management Forum discussing the the challenges and opportunities for Logistics companies when diversifying into value added services.  Image>>